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Munger Family Vineyard EXPANDS

We’re expanding our vineyard! Check us out just down the street on South Butte Road in front of the house Danny grew up in. His parents, Larry and Eleanor, have agreed to a Munger "Senior" Vineyard, hooray!

Our goal was to plant 300 vines each year for the next 5 years until the two front pastures were fully planted. So far we have planted 2 of the 5 years...with about 850 vines...okay, okay, so we planted a little more...but can you blame us? With the help of Guillaume Grapevine Nursery in Knights Landing, we planted; Petite Sirah, Granache Noir and Nero D'Avalos. We can't wait!

A huge thank you to Larry and Eleanor, and also to all our family who has come out to help us!

Danny and Larry staking out the irrigation on Munger "Senior" Vineyard

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